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Busk in Braddon! Showcase your talent - earn your spotlight - get paid.

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Busk now!

Steps to Become a Certified Braddon Busker


Submit an inquiry on this site and we will send you an information pack with the next steps.

You will be asked to submit a short video of you performing your music.


Create a free account on


This is an approved, tested and fantastic website that will allow you to receive electronic payments.


To accept electronic payments via a QR code when busking you will need to register for a payment portal (Paypal, Stripe etc).


Once you receive your QR code from, we will ask you to send it to us.

Our team will then use it to create an official sign, that we will send to you free of charge, that you will be able to display when busking.


With your sign, you will also receive an electronic welcome pack, that gives you all the information you need to begin busking in Braddon!

Register to busk now.

Bring your music to Braddon! Showcase your talent - earn your spotlight - get paid.

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Braddon Busking Hub.

Our goal is to create an active and lively culture of busking in Braddon.

By Buskers, For Buskers

This program is devised by musicians with busking experience in Canberra and beyond.


All money collected goes straight to you!

Enriching Braddon

By encouraging buskers to perform in Braddon, we aim to activate place and setting, and platform our wonderful and talented artists to the Canberra community

Supporting Artists

Busking can be a fantastic source of revenue for artists, and also an avenue to develop and fine-tune performance skills and reach a broad audience.

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Become a Braddon
Busker Now!

To get your Busker starter pack, enter your details below:

Thanks for submitting!


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MusicACT supports all aspects of the music industry by providing advice, access to resources, information, and professional development. MusicACT pursues policy development and advocacy to the government, businesses, and the community.

"It has been incredible to reach new listeners in such a vibrant part of the city."

Brad, Musician

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